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Story of Our Inheritance

The Pari Sudha wants to deliver a modern hospitality concept that is sustainable and memorable by utilizing the Balinese value with international standards.

The Pari Sudha was founded in 2017, provides exclusionary and sincere service by adhering the concept of Tri Kaya Parisudha (Three basic deeds of Balinese Hindu).

Since the beginning of the establishment, The Pari Sudha have an urge for accommodating every solitary travelers based on the roots of Balinese tradition. The petals with three different colors shines to whisk three basic values of Tri Kaya Parisudha – Manacika, Wacika and Kayika. Symbolizing the belief, we urge our associates to think, speak and act correctly toward others. The Pari Sudha provide comfortable, artistic and precious lodging experience for our guests from all around the globe; with discreet and fascinating service.

The Pari Sudha tries their best to cater all type of globetrotter needs on their homes. Whether you are a single, couple or family traveler; youthful or sophisticated adventurer; economical or extravagant vagabond – our home welcomes you with greatest pleasure.

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Crafted by using local’s best crafter and some world-renowned marks, The Pari Sudha wants to bring a premium touch with affordable price for solitary travelers. As people said, a home is a place where everyone could feel that they are fit in it.

We Love You

We believe a home should be a comfortable place to live for everyone. From premium room amenities provided by Sensatia Botanicals, luxury bedding and cushion from King Koil, world-renowned toiletries from Grohe, Kohler and Duravit as well as a premium internet service that gives us possibility to have ultra-fast fiber optic internet to keep everyone connected to outside world – all are just a small touch aside from our warmth and hospitality to host you in our sanctuary.

Starting Small

We start from a scratch – from zero to fifty. With the limitation of resources, we tried everything to keep moving forward in order to become a sustainable business in the future. We are funded by a local Balinese community that becomes a family right now. 

At the moment we’re currently adding more facilities at our home in a slow pace. We would like to give a huge token of appreciation for those who support us in various way to help us grow financially.

The Pari Sudha wants to deliver an exceptional experience by using limited resources unlike big player does. It's a small business that founded by the community with a big dream behind it. Supporting us means helping a small business to grow in order to become more sustainable in the future

Why They Are Happy?

"If we could give 100 stars, we would. we truly hope to come back again"
Mato (Croatia) - Booking.com
"All in all it was a great place, the staff is friendly, warm and super helpful"
Anindyangln (Indonesia) - Tripadvisor
"We had a wonderful stay! Beautiful place, very nice staff, good breakfast!"
Magdalena (Indonesia) - Traveloka

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