The Pari Sudha

  • A sanctuary that inspired by Balinese distinct culture
  • Owned and operated by local heart, while outlined the personal touch
  • The only hideout that is very close to local resident, home of majority of our ambassadors
  • Sacred temple near-at-hand
  • Adjacent with popular sights while being hidden from rowdy spot
  • An absolute hideaway with intimate semblance

We make every effort to treat the society and the nature as the way we delight our customer;
by reconciling Tri Kaya Parisudha in operational basis. We are proud to be the only cottage in Bali that using premium products in our establishment as our commitment to be sustainable. Our location, which surrounded by lush jungle scene of Petulu makes your stay hidden while it’s only a short hop to various popular sights around Greater Ubud.

Rejuvenate your fatigued soul

Our homes propound a fascinating products to heal a fatigue soul. Because we understand that being away from home could drive up the wall

Let the spirit of The Pari Sudha
breathe new life into your inner chakra

A Premium Touch

We are proudly announce our sustainability effort by using room amenities from Sensatia Botanicals. We are the pioneer on small cottages in Bali that provides a premium amenities for its guest