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Road to well-being is under our concern. A Soul to Respire

To mark our 1st year of establishment, “A Soul to Respire” is launched and offers an array of paths to satisfy your cravings on wellness and healthier mind state. We understand that we could not go beyond without any support from our guests, our people and the community.

With us, you’ll discover a gateway to connect with locals, being close to nature, stay fit and healthy in a basic way – together as an ensemble for sustainable future and all are curated by our loyal ambassadors.

We are committed to continue our sustainable and responsible way of living. The story won’t be finished here as the sequel will keep written day by day – and forever.

Responsible Breakfast and Food Service

With basic and limited tailored-choice of breakfast, we are committed to reduce food waste as much as possible. We are discovering our guest’s eating habits from the first day of our establishment. We take an action to keep our food waste low and you’ll keep seeing a constant change on our breakfast menu as a result. We do not provide any lunch or dinner service to helps other restaurant businesses that founded by locals get some clients as well from our establishment.

Community-Based Spa

We are employing local residents by giving on-call in-room spa program. We understand that by doing this, we give them a chance to have a freelance job without losing their risk on their Balinese way of living; especially for women.

In-Room Wellness Gear

Yoga mats are available in all of our rooms and fitness resistance band are available on request so you could stay fit and healthy without leaving your room.

Natural and Pure Water System

We are introducing a zero plastic-bottled water policy as our way to acquaint a healthier form of drinking water in our home. Therefore, we are investing ourselves with an advanced water purifying technology that helps recycles used-water to be safe-for-consume. The same applies for the water for shower as we are using natural resources to filtering the water to reduce the acidity level.

An Infinity Sight to Green Spaces

Connect with nature never been so easy like before. All of our rooms gives you a direct aisle to nature as we are isolated in a jungle that been preserved as a matter of sacred temple next door. Our room amenities are sourced by Sensatia Botanicals, which means we are supporting sustainable practice to keep our greeneries without harming them.

Explore with Locals

We are working together with Petulu Kokokan Transport, a local initiatives for private-local drivers, tour and transport services that 100% funded by the community. By choosing our tailor-made excursion and tour program, all of the money will going to the community and 25% of the fees will be used to develop the village itself for local job trainings and to keep the regional ceremonies as part of Balinese tradition.

The Agent Beyond

As our way to appreciate our guests, we invite you to nominee one of our agent that has an outstanding performance during your stay with us. Whether they gave you a memorable birthday event, a spectacular romantic experience during your special day, or simply helping you with a good hands during any trouble you’ve experienced – just tell us and we will share your experience towards our team as our motivation to gives you the best journey.

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