• Our Story

Uncover The Story of Our Inheritance

Since the beginning of the establishment, The Pari Sudha have an urge for accommodating every solitary travelers based on the roots of Balinese tradition. The petals with three different colors shines to whisk three basic values of Tri Kaya Parisudha – Manacika, Wacika and Kayika. Symbolizing the belief, we urge our associates to think, speak and act correctly toward others. The Pari Sudha provide comfortable, artistic and precious lodging experience for our guests from all around the globe; with discreet and fascinating service.

The Origin

After spending several decades abroad to work and study, our founder decided to going back home to Bali, Indonesia to create an establishment that beneficial both for its own people and the island. Powered by island’s robust culture and heritage, the founder purchased a small land in a notorious area called Ubud and transforming it into a remarkable home for everyone who would like to experiencing a real Balinese hospitality.


Discover The Sanctuary

The Pari Sudha tries their best to cater all type of globetrotter needs on their homes. Whether you are a single, couple or family traveler; youthful or sophisticated adventurer; economical or extravagant vagabond – our home welcomes you with greatest pleasure.


The Value

Think positively;sainted thought;
believe the good things

Declare the truth;speak the good things;
express the kindness

Act correctly, do the good things;
behave accordingly