• Rooms

The Pari Sudha comes out with different room selection, which each of it has its own uniqueness

Evident, picturesque and eloquent, our rooms are designed based on the legend of the region itself. The Beji Temple, which located underneath our home gives a prolific inspiration on how our home should be delineated

Holy Retreat Suite

Rejuve and recharge your inner spirituality while meditating or doing Yoga in our holy retreat suite. The most private suite ever, only for you and the loved one

Executive Suite

Adventurous and lionhearted; designed specifically for bold traveller who are seeking a remarkable experience.

Pool Access Room

A direct access to the pool… For those who likes to dip themselves for a resurgence and invigoration

Forest Retreat Suite

An astonishing rise and shine starts from a recovered guts. A full-length scene of Petulu forest from your own bedroom will cheer your day up

Business Class Suite

A penny-wise category of rooms, with a comfort like an executive.

Premium Economy Class Suite

Sleep back and relax. A worry-free solution for a solitude wanderer